We do have seasons in SoCal; the signs are just more subtle.
I started a new project Nov 13.
Inspired by these colors in the garden.
I made so much progress this weekend because I caught a headcold and napped and knitted the long weekend away.
The other body half and sleeve is finished but not photographed. The finished sweater will resemble Colleen Davis’ Triangle Mambo Sunset. Only I took the pattern with me to the hospital while waiting for Iris to get out of surgery (tonsillectomy) and left it in the recovery room in the mayhem.

At that point, I had finished 1.5 front half sides and memorized the triangle technique. The pattern was very terse anyway and I didn’t like the way she reduced for the triangles. I reversed the shaping (K2tog at beg, ssk at end of rows) to keep the stitches more vertical. Instead of making the sleeves with more triangles, I just knit away in a tube. I didn’t like the way she finished the back neckline and made up my own way there, too. The sweater was a hit and this is now V2, for my SIL.