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I have the Deb Menz blanket (“DMB” because I’m lazy that way) that I must finish, but haven’t touched in about 10 days.  But while sitting in the CNCH 2010 planning meeting yesterday, I was mesmerized by Carole’s lace stole.  I am twitching to cast on for a new lace piece.  I am fighting that urge valiantly, but may be losing to it soon.  I have no desire to take the DMB and hundreds of little balls of yarn on a plane to the tropics with me.

I’m also battling the calendar to finish the CNCH 2010 website before the unveiling in 2 weeks.  So, more sporadic postings, I’m afraid.

P.S. My copy of the Fall 2009 Spin-Off is still MIA, but I saw a copy of it yesterday.  My scarf is in it! It’s such a thrill to see your work and name in print.  (I won Best Use of Sheep Wool category.) You can download the All Wrapped Up in Natural Fibers gallery from this page.  This PDF also includes a few scarves that didn’t make it into the magazine.  I’m so tickled!


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  1. Congratulations!

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