Getting old stinks. Cold weather stinks. The joints in my right hand started to ache this week. Just a general ache, until I picked up my socks and started knitting. Then, they really started to hurt. To the point where I could only do a couple of rounds a day. That really put a crimp in my knitting.

So I took a break from knitting, and spun a bit.

Romney Silk 2 ply

This is 4 oz of worsted weight 2. I pulled this out of my stash. Crosspatch Creations. The colorway is called By Beloved. This was fun. It’s like staying home in your favorite jammies or sweats, with a trashy book, and a cup of hot chocolate. Pure indulgence. And you just let go. The batts were romney with tussah and bombyx, lightly carded so the silk was just laying on the batts. It’s impossible to spin perfectly evenly, because slubs happen. And you let it happen. Fun, and no calories.

But it was done in no time flat. But I still had a partial sock to be done. So I switched to my dpn instead of the magic loop method, and the ache diminished. Why? I think it was because my fingers were cramped in the too small space created by the magic loop method. Working the sock on 5 dpns gave me a little more space. Why would there be more space with dpns? I think it’s the flop factor. In any case, I was able to finish the first sock, and cast on for the second sock. Hopefully, I’ll have a new pair of socks by next weekend.

Here’s a view of the sock before grafting the toe.

Koigu Sock