It was cold and rainy here yesterday, in the land of sunshine. I reached into my socks drawer, and found only one pair of clean, dry, handknit socks. (It was sock laundry day.) They were a pair of RED socks knitted with Mountain Mohair. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide. I know what I’ll be wearing during the World Series.

Many of you might be asking, what the heck, Ann?! You don’t even like pro sports! And you don’t do baseball! Well, there are 2 factors here. I only watch post season games if one of “my” teams is playing. Red Sox and Mariners are the two baseball teams that I watch. Oh, yeah, if I get free tix to the games,even better — even if they are bleacher seats. A sales rep called me up a couple of years ago, when the Mariners were in the playoffs and asked if I was interested…it was an afternoon game, so it meant I would have to skip out of work. Hello?! Yes, of course! The fact that I can see my office from my seat was a bonus. Every once in a while, I would look up the hill, and think about all my co-workers, toiling away, while I sit in the sunshine, eating peanuts. After the game, I strolled back across the street and went back to work. Nice break. So what if it was 4 hours (included lunch at one of my all time fave restaurants)?

Um, new sales rep? Are you reading this? I give great reference calls.