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Finishing Work

merino-silkThere has been some finishing work around here.

I finally finished spinning and plying the moorit merino/silk roving. There are 1,460 yards of 2-ply yarn here. It’s approximately 18 wpi off of the wheel. I haven’t wet finished this yarn yet. Once I do so, the fiber will bloom quite a bit. Why haven’t I wet finished it yet? I would like to over dye this yarn. I think color on the light brown will be very interesting. And the silk will really pop out. The question now, of course, is what color or colors. Until I do, they yarn will stay as it is. There’s no need to wet/dry the yarn twice. Lazy? Probably, but I prefer to call it efficient. Or better yet, more environmentally responsible.

pinwheelThe edging on the pinwheel shrug is finally done. I stayed up until way past midnight to finish off the last panel. Waldo really wanted to go to bed and was very vocal about it. As a shepherd, he needs to be in the same room as I am in order to keep an eye on me. He can’t go to bed in the bedroom with me still in the living room. He was getting quite cranky when I wouldn’t play along.

Anyway, next step will be to unpick the white waste yarn and pick up for the sleeves.  The edging is approximately 6″ wide.  I’ll work the sleeves to about elbow length in stockinette, then finish it off with the lace edging.  That will make the sleeves just shy of wrist length.

The sleeves will have to wait until I return from Washington.  Besides, I don’t have 16″ 4.00 mm needles.


Spring Cleaning #7



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  1. Whew! I am getting whiplash from all your efficient sorting. I admire you for doing it. A cleaning is always good for the soul.

    Love the Shetland moorit. I see it over-dyed a warm red.

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