Spring Cleaning will resume tomorrow. Yeah, it’s depressing how many more there are. I’ll keep going until I am either finished with cataloging them or I’m too embarrassed to list more.  Whichever comes first.

There has been other fiber activities around here, in addition to the spring cleaning.  I’ve been working away at 12 oz of pin drafted roving from Morro Fleece Works.  I bought this from Kristine via Carolina Homespun back in March. Kristine was clearing through her stash.

Although I have several pounds worth of Morro’s pin drafted fiber in the garage, I just couldn’t resist.  This was a luscious moorit merino with streaks of tussah carded into it.  The blend was a lot of fun to spin with long draw into a slightly slubby yarn.  I have 3 very full bobbins of singles.  I’ll be randomly plying from the bobbins into a 2-ply yarn.  Randomly breaking off a single and joining in from another bobbin.  Why? This will help even out the final yarn.

Amy told me that she is enjoying the Spring Cleaning series, but wasn’t sure that she’s ready to share with the world her stash of UFOs.  First off, I’m not calling these UFOs — just projects that have been neglected.  Semantics, I know.

In revisiting these, I realize that some of them are a lot of fun.  I don’t know why I ever stopped.  Something along the way made me put them on hold.  Revisiting gives me a chance to re-evaluate the situation and determine the path forward.  Or in the case of the Anarchist Sweater, abandoning it was the right path forward.  (Incidentally, Grace, the short pieces from each of the squares would actually be great for weaving.  A perfect project for Iris and her Cricket Loom.)

And the other reason for going through these is partially in response to “I’m bored. I want to cast on a new project” feeling.  It’s sort of like the kid standing with the refrigerator door open and saying “Mom! I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat!” when the refrigerator is full of food.  There are lots of projects here that fit the bill for my need for lace, something warm to cuddle up to, something small and transportable.

Besides, I’m running out of knitting project bags.