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Weekend Visit

Sorry, but this entry is chock full of pictures. But I assure you, they are well worth the bandwidth.

Iris in Cutie PatootieGrace, Mark and Iris came up for a visit this weekend. Iris modeled some of her new clothes.

This is Cutie Patootie sized up for a toddler, using CottonEase on 4.5mm needles. Grace used the untwisted combined method while working the sweater back and forth. Here’s my favorite quote from Grace during our email exchange while she was making the sweater. The subject header of this email was “Iris the Tyrant,” if I recall correctly.

If I put it down, Iris would hand it to me and order me to finish it. “I want you to finish cutie patootie.”

Despite the face, Iris actually loves getting her picture taken. What a ham she is!

Iris in ponchoAnd here, she is modeling the poncho that I made for her last week. The poncho is a little “gaflugety,” as Martin would say, because she’s been dancing around the room. Here‘s what the poncho looks like when it’s behaving itself on a hanger. It is using Michelle Wyman’s Block Party Poncho using 5 colors of Plymouth Encore (instead of 4 colors, as designed) on 4.5mm needles.

I’ll close with a picture of the sweater that I’m making for myself using the wool/silk yarn that I spun up last month. It looks much more like a Monet painting of his gardens in real life than it appears in this picture. Although the knitted fabric resembles more like a pointillistic painting than Monet’s dabs. But, hey, it’s in the same artistic period. What is it going to be? I don’t know yet. I’m making it up as I go. All I know at this point is that it is a bottom up sweater knitted in the round to the arms. I’ll decide as I go along.

sweater on the needles with monet wool/silk


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  1. Amy

    What a cutie Iris is!
    I’m loving your sweater. The colors are amazing.

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