Scarf Progress 2

Along with the spinning, I’ve been playing with my scarf design. I had an inkling of what I wanted to achieve. I charted it out to see what it might look like. So far so good. Then I casted on a sample. For the sample, I just use some scrap yarn that I had handy. It was DK weight instead of lace. Okay, I just wanted to see if the theory works. I don’t need to deal with scale issue just yet.

After a few rows, I found one design flaw that was easily fixed. But the problem with the yarn wasn’t so easily fixed. The needle I chose was too small for the DK weight yarn to show the details. It was difficult to see how the pattern will unfold.  Besides, the scarf was becoming alarmingly large. Attempt #1 abandoned.

Attempt #2: Found some lace weight alpaca/silk that I spindle spun last year.  It’s still much thicker yarn than my final product, but it is much closer to what I’m aiming for. Casted on again. This time, with the size in mind, I reduced the number of stitches casted on.  Finished half of the 1st repeat and I realized, no, I didn’t count correctly. I doubled my intended cast on.  (Don’t ask.)  Ripped. (It was about here, when I had a pile of yarn in one hand, and a gordian knot in the other, that my phone rang. Isn’t it always the case? Penny had a knitting emergency.) On the glass full side, the pattern is working out exactly as I planned. I figured out another design issue that I was able to easily fix. And I’m loving this alpaca/silk yarn.

Attempt #3: Casted on the requisite number of stitches. Counted twice. Started the set up row.  Hmm. I seem to be missing a stitch. Recounted thrice. Still missing a stitch. Okay, I’ll fudge it and add a stitch. It’s just the set up row, should be easy. Wait, somewhere along the line, I twisted my tube so that it’s completely screwed up. I can’t straighten it out. Rather, I probably could, but with the miscount, it was faster to start over. Ripped.

Attempt #4: Casted on the requisite number of stitches. Counted thrice. Started set up row. Again, I’m missing a stitch in the exact same place. What are the freaking odds? Feeling punchy, I just added the damn stitch where it needed to be and proceeded. Set up row complete, now on to the 1st pattern row. I zipped along to the end of the 1st row. What’s this? An extra stitch??? Where the heck did that come from? Ripped.

How difficult is it to count to 12 10 freaking times? I obviously need 2 more toes to make this work.

I’m having a time out from the knitting right now. I know the pattern works, as evidenced by attempt #2. For now, I’m consoling myself with some very pretty hand combed top and a Bosworth Featherweight.