Merino/Silk on bobbin  Merino/Silk singles

I have found a new favorite fiber to spin. It’s better than merino, and better than silk. What is it? It’s 50/50 merino/silk blend. What a dream! The fiber flows smoothly through your fingers. The singles have a beautiful sheen to it. The sample plied yarn has a wonderful drape. I can’t wait to knit with it. I just have another small bundle of roving and I can start plying. The handpaint is from Paradise Fibers. I bought 2 bumps of the Monet colorway from them at Stitches West. I thought the second one was all merino, so that I can ply on of each together. Unfortunately, what I picked up was superwash wool. It just won’t do. So I will just ply this with itself.

This blend isn’t new to me. Last year, I bought about a pound of short ends of Zephyr from Pollywogs. But I didn’t have time to play with it before the move. The small bits that I spun took dye beautifully. The fiber is still in a box somewhere. I will have to dig it out because I think I will need more yarn to make a summer top with the handpaint.