socks01-kp-eggplantMy first pair of socks of 2009. Quite a different pace from last year. I started these socks back in December, I think. I remember working on these while Grace and family were up for a visit.

Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Kettled Dyed Sock Yarn, 2 50gm balls
Color: Eggplant
Needles: US #1 / 2.25mm
Construction Notes: Toe up from 12 to 64 sts; blueberry waffle on instep; short rowed heel; continued pattern on top while worked back of heel approx. 1″ in st. st. before working pattern in the round.

KnitPicks is having a sale on these yarns right now. Their statement on the reason for the sale:

These items are on sale because we are replacing them with 100 gram balls. We will continue to carry Essential Kettle Dyed sock yarns but in a larger put-up to avoid potential differences within dye lots.

I say this is a very good thing. You can see the color saturation differences in this pair of socks.  The top sock is very very much lighter than the bottom one. They are socks. I don’t mind. But I still have to tell you it was a shock when I saw the variation between the 2 completed socks.  (Since I work my socks one at a time and don’t look at the finished one while working on the 2nd sock, I didn’t notice the variation until I was nearly finished.)

Now, back to the yarn. It’s a lovely yarn. I love the subtle striations of a kettled dyed yarn.  The yarn itself is soft and squishy. And it’s machine washable. The sale price makes is over $1 less for 100gm (2 balls) over the new put up (100 gm in 1 ball). So, if you have a project where color variations don’t matter, it’s a great deal, and I wouldn’t hesitate to jump right in there and buy some closeout yarn.

I can think of some fun projects that this would be perfect for: baby clothing (did I say it’s machine washable?), color work blankest (log cabin, mitered square, etc.), any color block type work.

I’m tempted to stock up, but I’ve taken a vow of project based purchases only.