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img_0153The new wheel is fabulous. The weather is gorgeous. Good friends are even better.  Reminds me of the MasterCard ad.  Wheel…$$$, Shuttle…$, Good friends, pricelsss.

I arrived on the island on time. Thank goodness for priority boarding for the shuttle, or I would have been delayed and missed my dinner engagement.

Karen & Barrie met me at the shuttle stop. We dropped by my little cottage to drop off my things and pick up my car.  But the cottage was littered with construction crap.  They took one look at it and said, “the guest room is made up.”  We then proceeded to Toby’s to meet up with another couple for dinner.  Fun and frivolity.  Good friends. What can I say?

Next morning, I drove off to Blaine to meet up with James Watson.  We’ve decided to meet half way to take delivery of the wheel.  No UPS involved this time.  The weather turned gorgeous.  Once I had taken possession of the wheel, I took a leisurely drive back to the island.  I stopped off at Deception Pass Park and walked the length of the bridge.  I saw swirling eddies (current change occurred during my walk), 2 bald eagles, Navy test flights, but no grey whales.  The greys are in Saratoga Passage right now, but I was too far north.  The decision to stop and look for them was just an excuse to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Yesterday and today are for the Whidbey Island Spin-In in Oak Harbor.  I won  a door prize and a raffle yesterday.  More later today.


Heading North


Deception Pass


  1. Ahh! A moment of bliss when everything is clicking into place. Plus, a new gorgeous wheel. Enjoy!!!

  2. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a wonderful place to be. We are going sailing in late July in the San Juan Islands for a week. I really look forward to it.

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