Spinning Jill on a spindle reminded me how much fun spindles are, and portable. It’s easy to tuck a spindle and a bit of fluff in your purse/bag and pull it out whenever. And to top it all off, Kristine gave me one of her fun little pouches of fiber last week at the weaving retreat. The rovings are by-products of her dyeing process and she packages the bits of leftovers into fun little pouches. You can do as you please with them: wet/needle felting, spinning, embellishments, whatever. (I don’t see any mention of this on her website nor at Morgaine‘s, although I know that Morgaine sells them.)


The pouches are full of colors and each pouch is different.  It’s a bit like finding the toy at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box.  You don’t know what you’ll find in there. (Okay, you do, since they are in a clear cellophane bag.) Kristine was spinning from her pouch with her drop spindle, grabbing whatever bit of color that she touches first. This provided a completely random assortment of colors and lengths of singles.  When plied together, you get even more surprising combinations.

I couldn’t resist. I immediately started spinning from my own pouch. I’ve also experimented by pulling several short lengths of fiber of different colors together and drafting them together for a marled single. Intermixed with straight lengths of a color, the marled single keeps things shaken up. Between Jill and this pouch, I haven’t touched my spinning wheel for quite a while. It’s addictive fun!

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