I walked into the LYS at lunch yesterday for one ball of
black Lambs Pride and walked out with 5 balls of yarn.

They had a new kind of thick and thin yarn called Salsa
from Germany which I paired with a cotton cord for an
experiment in scribble lace. I am not fond of working on
large needles (15), but the results are worth the effort.
Now I have to go back to LYS to buy 3 more balls so my
scarf can become a stole.

On the outbound flight from LAX to Kona, a lady on the plane
had a copy of Debble New’s book, ‘Unexpected Knitting’.
The projects are a bit more involved than I would usually
undertake, but scribble lace looked doable. You knit
3 rows of thread or thin cotton cord and then 1 row of
a thick yarn in stockinette stitch on large needles. The
result looks like cobwebby lace.

I began with three armspans of the thick yarn, made a slip
knot, and then did a long tail cast-on until I had only 4″ left.
Then I knit 3 rows with the thin cotton cord, 1 row with the
thick n thin wool… Of course, this will only work with circular

(3 armspans should be enough yarn to cast on for something
one armspan long, slightly more or less depending on needle
size. Email me for the formula I worked out. But remember,
I was a math major in college.)