While waiting around hospitals during Mom’s various annual exams (I was the chauffeur of the day), I started a new spring T. I’m using Karen Alfke’s Unpatterned Top-Down Koigu T-Shirt pattern. Instead of using Koigu, I’m using yarn that I spun with Lorna’s Laces rovings last year. The colorway is Tahoe. Instead of 6.5 sts/in, I have 6. But what’s wonderful about Karen’s Unpatterns, is that it’s a recipe, with all the information you need to change the pattern to match your gauge and your body. Nifty. Yes, I know. Nothing earth shattering if you’ve read Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, but I fell in love with this T, and Karen’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Sarah Hauschka showed me the basics of combined knitting last month. I’ve been reading about it in Knitting in the Old Way. I decided to try it on the sweater while I’m still working the neck area in the flat. It’ll take a little use to before I can knit without watching my hands again. I’m also noticing that my purl row tension is a wee tighter than my knit row now. I’ll get better, I’m sure.

I’ll get pictures once I get further along (and I have more time). Tomorrow is South Bay Opening Day, and I’m cooking breakfast. I have to be at the club at 6, or was that 5? (BTW, I finished those darn course flags, and they were installed yesterday.)

Have a great weekend!