Yes, I’m a geek at heart. I built a little perl script yesterday (honest, this is related to knitting) that will create a knit “pattern” for an increase row, based on 2 input values: number of starting stitches, and the number of stitches that you want to add.

For example, if you want to increase 12 stitches evenly across a row with 93 stitches, it will produce the following:

k2, inc 1, (k8, inc 1) 11 times, k3
Ending with a total of 105 stitches

You will, of course, substitute in your pattern into this knit row. If you are doing a k1, p1 ribbing, then instead of k2 to start, you would k1, p1 before the first increase.

I got the idea when I saw a post in one of the Yahoo!Groups Mailing Lists asking about where to find a “calculator” on the web. And I thought, how hard would it be to build one? It’s just a math equation, right?

Anyway. I think it’s pretty nifty. Now, I just need to figure out how to do some cgi programming so that I can run this via a web browser instead of needing to log into my server to run the script.

Yeah, I was the one in 8th grade who spent hours trying to create a generic BASIC program on my old Atari 600 to do my algebra homework that I could have finished in minutes if I had just done it by hand. But what would have been the fun in that? (That should also give you an idea of how old I am … who out there even remembers that Atari actually was competing with Apple for the home computer market?)