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Where in the World…?

17 days…without telephone, email, internet, newspapers, radio…without knitting, spinning, nor any fiber activies, and it didn’t hurt a bit!

Here are some photos from my trip.  Can you tell where I’ve been? (Click through the pictures, once for regular, and again for full size.)

24-Aug-2014: Sorry, I have removed the photo gallery because I have been getting a lot of comment spam through a loop hole in the WordPress Galleries created before a patch.

Whirlwind Named Iris

Sorry for the belated post. Several reasons contributed to the long absence. First, there is a bug in the WP 2.6 where it ignored my defined image directory location. I only just figured out what the problem was, and found and installed the fix. Second, I now have a deep appreciation for single parents everywhere. There simply has been no alone time to do anything, including peeing, never ming blogging.

Okay, picture laden post below, none of them fiber related. If you are here for fiber, skip right on by. If you are here about my vacation with Iris, click on through.


My sock knitting has languished, mostly because I have had no use for socks down here in California. Land of perpetual sun. But I’m spending the next month up in Washington. Land of perpetual rain. I need socks.

I dug out all my socks in progress, and found 4. This photo only shows 3 because I’m not happy with the 4th and will re-purpose the yarn.

Socks in Progress

Why am I showing you this? I’m taking these up to Washington and vow to finish these while I’m up there. Not only that, I’m taking a large assortment of sock yarn with me. All socks that I finish during my vacation will stay up in the cabin, for future trips.

You’ll recognize the hand paint from my self-patterned socks dye experiment. The other 2 pairs are Trekking XXL. I love this yarn.

Aside: Would you believe all 4 pairs of socks were on 2mm needles? In spite of this fact, I have even more 2mm needle. You know, just in case I decide to cast on for even more socks. The really interesting note is that all 4 pairs are worked over different number of stitches: 60, 64, 68, and 72. Huh. And they all fit.

That brings up the next topic. Why are we so optimistic when we pack our projects when we go on trips? Why do we think that we will read the 20 books on our nightstand, finish the 4 sweaters that we have in progress, various socks, lace shawls, AND pack more yarn and fiber to spin? If we haven’t been able to get to all of these in the past 12 months (or more), what makes us think that we can finish them in 4 measly weeks? Not to mention the watercolor paints that I plan on bringing with me — just in case, you know, that I have the urge to paint while walking on the beach with my dog.

Just call me Pollyanna.

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