Here’s the post that I attempted to post via my cell phone:

Finished 2 of the 3 pairs of socks I had on my needles.

Finished Socks

This means an unprecedented single pair of socks in progress!
Unfortunately, I stopped in at The Fiber Gallery in Seattle this
afternoon to visit with Eva and left with yarn for 4 more pairs of
socks. I don’t know if I have the discipline to not cast on a new
pair…especially since I also bought some rosewood sock needles…

If you are reading this, then hurray for technology. It means that
this posting via email from my cell phone was successful.

Well, we know it wasn’t successful. I had to go back to the old fashioned web posting (as if blogging of any sort can be considered old fashioned, especially via a blogging software instead of good old hand coded pages).

Now, before you ask if I failed my grade school math, I’ll have you know that I tutored math in high school for pocket money. But how does 3 SIPs less 2 make 3? It does if you casted on, not one, but two new pairs of socks! Yes, two. I didn’t have the resolve.

I casted on a toe up sock with some Fleece Artist sock yarn I bought at The Fiber Gallery. After I nearly reached the heel, I decided that I didn’t like how pointy the toe was. I started over with 16 co stitches instead of 10. I’m part way back up the foot.

Then I read that Abby will be at SOAR. I remembered that I brought along the first Batt Club offering, all spun up and ready to be turned into socks. I knew right away that I wanted to wear the finished socks at SOAR next week. I immediately casted on for a pair of top down ankle socks. I spun this yarn to be worsted weight, so it will go quickly. I don’t know how long it’s been since I only used 48 stitches for socks!

SOAR — I’m on the wait list for Margaret Stove’s lace class, but confirmed in Carol Rhoades hand carding class.