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Month: April 2015

And More Silk

While digging around in an old WIP basket, I came across this spool of spun silk. This must have been spun on a wheel some time back. Why? It just doesn’t have the same amount of twist that I put in when spinning on a drop spindle.

There’s about 1.5 oz of silk on that spool. Based on the colors, I am guessing that it is Chasing Rainbows Bombyx.

These will be going back through the spinning wheel again to add more twist. The question is do I ply it or do I leave it as singles for weft. Plying will definitely be more versatile but more work before it can be used.

And no, I have not reached the end of my silk spinning obsession.


I have been spinning on a drop spindle for so long that I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy spinning on a wheel.

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