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Madder Progress #4

Well, if I hadn’t bricked it before, I certainly have now!

I turned the stove on to warm the bath up while I attended to some guild business online. Needless to say, things took longer than expected and the pot came to a full boil.

I’ll check the color this evening, after it has had a chance to cool off. I’m expecting a nice brick color.

Madder Progress #3


After several days of heating and cooling in the pot, the colors are more saturated but also duller. Did I overheat it? Or is the difference due to the different cameras used to take these pictures. (#2 was taken with my iPhone, this was with my Canon Point & Shoot.) I also did not take the skeins out and squeeze out all the water.

I will be patient. It’s not my best suit, but I am committed to letting this sit in the dye pot for a full week. There is still color in the dye bath.



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