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2013 Spring Cleaning #6


Deb Menz Blanket. I haven’t posted an update since 2009! I have worked on it but haven’t felt any love in a long time.

While thinking about 2013 Spring Cleaning, I thought that I might rip it and do something different with it. But once I took it out for its photo shoot, I realize that I quite like how it is turning out. The reason I haven’t felt any love was that it is now large enough that it’s not easy to drag around.


Keep on knitting! I will move my Mitered Non-Cross blanket back to on-the-go knitting since it is so portable. I’ll put this by my chair for TV knitting — after I finish my Hexagons, that is.

The current size is 26″ x 30″. It’s still a long way from a usable size.


There are several ten stitch blanket patterns on Ravelry. Mine is 12 stitches wide and made up before the pattern came out. If you are interested in making one of these, you can read up on how I came up with the pattern (recipe) or just use one of the free published pattern on Ravelry.

I added a few twists and turns when I got bored going in one direction.

2013 Spring Cleaning #5

Fleeces. I’ve got fleeces.

All the ones that I intended to send out for processing have been sent and returned. I still have several that I had set aside for hand processing. Majority of these are not yet scoured. I need to use the warm weather to sort and scour them. I don’t have to process them, but I need to get them washed and sorted.


Summer project.

2013 Spring Cleaning #4 Update


blocking in the hotel room

I just realized that I never published any photos of the pre-finished shawl on the blog!

Sorry about the horrid picture. I finished the last of the knitting on the plane to and at SOAR. I ran back to the room between evening events to block the shawl the night before I had to turn it in. So not only was this photo taken on my phone, it was in a dimly lit hotel room.

Good thing I had a large room to myself, even if it was covered in mold and mildew. (It was a fun asthma filled week.)

A big thank you to Jen for bringing her blocking wires for me. I didn’t want to fly with mine.


SOAR 2011 Gallery

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