Zoom Loom

Zoom Loom

I am so very excited!

My friend, John, has collaborated with Schacht Spindle Co, to produce the Zoom Loom. Zoom Loom is the next generation of pin looms. You may be familiar with the old Weave-Its, Weavettes, and the like. And some of you may have even come across my blog because you were searching for my instructions on how to make a pin loom. (That is the all time most popular page on my blog. I get hits from search engines on this on a daily basis.)

20130207-160013.jpgI say next generation because John has made several modifications to the loom to make it much easier to use than the previous iterations. The frame is larger so there is actually something to hold on to, without cramping your thumb. The inside edge is beveled so that the needle glides up the edge instead of stubbing into the flat inside edge (or your hand when you miss). There’s a notch to hold the yarn so you don’t have to make a slip knot (nor maneuver the slip knot off the pin at the end).

And what can you do with these little pin looms? You can make blankets, shawls, scarves, hats, and even swim trunks! They don’t even need to retain their square shape. The flower on the right is made with a pin loom woven square. The flower was made with unspun silk hankie pulled into “yarn.” John decided my SOAR name tag was boring and attached this flower to my silk cord.

I have been following along with John’s progress over the past 3 years (more details on his blog). I have seen his prototype along the way, heard of his frustrations and his search for perfection. I am so happy that it is finally a reality. I look forward to seeing the production version in person next week.

The Zoom Loom will be available at your favorite Schacht distributor in April 2013.