I just realized that I never posted about the wonderful Katazome Workshop I took with Karen Miller. Tien did a nice write up here and here├é┬ábecause I’m too lazy to cull through my pictures and put words together. Instead, let me show you 2 of my finished items from the workshop.

Paper Cranes

As you can see, I didn’t ensure clean contact when I applied my paste and the paste “leaked” under my stencil and caused some blotches. This was about 6 or so layers of indigo paint (powdered indigo in soy milk). The center had a few fewer layers of indigo but additional layers of red pigment painted on.


I had fun layering on colors. I started with the pale yellow/gold as an all over color before adding the layers of purple, orange, red and green.

I plan on making pillow covers with these.

And just for fun, I’ll leave you with a different sort of cranes that Lyn made in class.

Lyn’s Cranes