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Month: August 2012

Just Peachy

Pretty, but not what I had in mind. My first thought was Tequila Sunrise. But Tequila Sunrise would have had more orange-red, which I would have liked. This is too peachy. Fuzzy Navel, perhaps. (Yes, my mind is on summer drinks.)

Anyway, this is the result of one ounce of madder to unknown amount of fiber. I didn’t weigh the fiber before I dyed it. I don’t have anything in my notes as to the original weight either. And I’m out of madder.

So, what you see is what I’ve got. Not bad. Just not what I had in mind. Good thing I’m not all that vested in this project!


I decided to dye the California Red fleece with madder. I’ll see what the color is after it cools off. I think it might be too light and may need more madder.


Yes, I know it’s August, but I’m talking about the fleece, not the month. The fleece arrived the day I left for vacation, so it sat in its box, unopened until a few days ago.

I didn’t have time to unroll the fleece and look at it, but I did pick out a few locks to show the different colors in this one amazing fleece.

Unwashed locks on left; matching washed lock on right.

This is going to be fun.

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