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Month: December 2011

Happy Dong Zhi!

Tang Yuen. Photo by Bok.

What is Dong Zhi and what do these little morsels have to do with it?

Dong Zhi is the Chinese Winter Solstice celebration. Winter Solstice has been observed in China as early as 2500 years ago. Tang Yuen are little glutinous rice flour dumplings, served in a sugar syrup. Yum!

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

Square Hats

Square Alpaca Hats

Have you heard? Black Sheep Handweavers Guild will be taking donations of handmade items for the Shelter Network during our annual Holiday Potluck on December 15th.

I thought that I would whip out a few quick and easy hats to add to the donation pile. I found a collection of odd balls of handpainted alpaca and this fun and easy hat pattern — Round Head in a Square Hat. It’s a fun pattern all knit on 16″ circular needles with quick grafting job to close the top and Voila! A hat. And the alpaca is very soft and squishy.

My yarn is a light worsted weight so I had to adapt the pattern to match my gauge to the rough final dimensions of the original hats.

The blue hat is baby sized, and the pink one is somewhere between child and adult sized. I have a lot more of the alpaca to make up several more hats.

So…what are you making for the donation box?

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