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Month: April 2011

Red Bobbin

A drawing (watercolor pencil) of the first bobbin of the merino/silk from The Artful Ewe, instead of the usual, but oh-so-boring, photo.

Take a look at Elizabeth Perry‘s woolgathering for her daily sketch journal. It’s full of every day things but so inspirational.


As I mentioned before, I am thoroughly sick of teal. In fact, I was looking at someone’s absolutely gorgeous yarn last week, but it triggered an almost gag reflect. Yup. It was teal. Definitely time to work with another color!

While I was up on Whidbey for the Spin-In, I dug around for something to spin and came across some merino/silk dyed by Heidi at The Artful Ewe. I have no idea when I purchased it, but it was perfect. I needed something other than teal to play with. I’m not sure how much I had but probably somewhere between 4-6 oz. I’m spinning it to my usual lace weight, with nothing in particular in mind.

Once I returned home, I looked in my stash and found several more 4 oz. braids of assorted reds in merino/silk, cashmere/silk, and camel/silk *. The common elements are red and silk (and they are all from Jen at Spirit Trail Fiberworks). That’s all I need!

Plan is to spin them all into 2 ply lace weight and then weave them together into a scarf, shawl, stole — something rectangular and light. I’ll likely use 3 of the colors as warp and 1 as weft.

I also want to try something Sharon Alderman showed us in our workshop last month, which is to wind the warp with all three as a bundle and then thread them in randomly within the bundle.

Don’t hold your breath. This may take a while. Perhaps, if I’m lucky, you’ll see it in the SOAR gallery come October…if I’m really, really lucky.

* Disclaimer: There are probably more reds in the stash but those were what I found without spending a lot of time looking.

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