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Month: October 2010

CNCH 2011

Have you seen the program information for CNCH 2011? It looks like another fabulous conference! This is the “small” conference year — no vendors, just workshops. It’s even smaller than normal. It will be limited to 150 attendees. That’s it. That’s all the town will handle.

So, when’s registration? Online registration opens sometime during the day of November 1st. Yup. One week from today. Get your selections ready!

Gone Spinnin’

I’m headed for SOAR in a few hours. My bags are mostly packed. Last load of laundry is in the dryer. My ride to the airport is picking me up at 0700. Just a few short hours from now.

This year, SOAR is in Delavan, WI. I’m flying out to Chicago to meet up with Kathleen, and then we’ll drive from Chicago to Delavan. I will not bring a laptop this time, since I don’t have to do anything silly, like set up the CNCH registration site.

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