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Month: August 2009

CCF Socks

Here is sock from the previous post. I’m almost at the heel (toe up).

I got lucky and made it on the Port Townsend ferry without a reservation. I made the decision to try for it, since I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of trying to get through Seattle during rush hour. Whew! Now to find some coffee.

Next stop, Portland and Sock Summit!

Off to Sock Summit!

I’m mostly packed. I’ll head south tomorrow for Portland and the Sock Summit.  I’ll be helping Marcy out in the Weaving Works booth tomorrow evening and possibly Friday morning.  Otherwise, I’ll just be hanging around visiting (and shopping).  Stop by and say “hi!”

A quick post to show you what I’ve been up to.

From this…


Curious Creek Fibers assorted rovings. These were Kristine’s samples.  She has new packaging now.  I’ll see them this weekend in Portland.  The idea is that you will get an assortment of colors in each package. You decided on how you want to spin it up into yarn.  What great fun and full of color possibilities.

To this…


Spun on Spindlewood drop spindle. I randomly spun the colors together in short and medium lengthed sections.  This creates really short and random color repeats.

To this…


Wound off to weaving bobbins (6 total) and 3-plied, again using the same Spindlewood drop spindle because I didn’t have a plying spindle with me.  (This will be rectified this weekend.)  This was my first 3 ply on a drop spindle. It really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. It helped that I rewound the cops onto weaving bobbins so the tension is even on all bobbins. Having the 3 strands come under the bobbin winder provided just that little extra bit of friction for extra tensioning.

To this…


Really squishy and yummy sock weight yarn.  I didn’t measure the WPI on this yet.  Estimated yardage is about 250 yards.  In fact, I’m already 1/3 way finished with the second sock. I just haven’t gotten around to taking a picture.  I’ll take one on the ferry and post it tomrrow.

I’ll be showing the single sock to Kristine tomorrow and let her decide if she wants to display it with her packages as a sample. In any case, I’ll have a great new pair of squishy socks by the end of weekend and some really fond/fun memories.

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