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Still Spinning Away


Here’s the view from my spinning wheel.  Needless to say, I’ve been a little distracted.  Aside from looking out at the water, watching the sunset, planting herbs, putting in some shrubs, I’ve also been busy picking berries and making jam.  Posting might be a little sporadic as I get back into the groove of island life.

Relaxing 4th

artfibers1Barb called to see if I was interested in joining her on a little field trip on the 4th instead of doing the usual thing with the throngs.  I jumped at the idea as soon as she uttered “Artfibers.”

I hadn’t been to Artfibers since they moved out of San Francisco, so this was my first visit to the new location.  All I can say is, “WOW!” It’s lovely.  It’s on the ground level of a house.  There are 3 rooms full of luscious yarn.  Roxanne’s office and patterns are located in the converted detached garage.

Comfortable chairs are scattered inside and out for you to sit and sample with all the yarn in the shop.  You can opt to sit inside, on the covered patio, or in the gazebo.  Outside the window, between the gazebo and the house, is a lovely organic garden.

On the 4th, Roxanne had an Open Studio/potluck. Everyone brought a little something to share.  There was lots of food, a beautiful berry covered velvet cake, and wine.  We sat around the garden, chatted and played with yarn all afternoon.  I may have bought a little yarn. :)

I had a great time.  Thanks, Barbara, Roxanne, and Nyles!




Straight edges. 90° corners (T-Square provided as proof). Tidy attachments.

This is probably the 3rd iteration of this attempt because I wasn’t satisified with variations of attaching the live knitting to the knitted piece.  The one I finally settled on is: sl last stitch as if to purl, pickup edge stitch from the back, purl 2 together. On the next row, slip the 1st stitch as if to knit.  It’s a variant of Vivian Hoxbro’s method.  I found slipping that last stitch as if to purl provides the edge I like the most.  Your preferences may differ.

Attempt 1 has been ripped. This is the one I will be going with. (Although, I do miss the movement in the diagonal lines…)

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