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Still Slogging Along

I’m starting to get worried.  The shawl is not yet at half the depth that I want, but I’m almost half way through the yarn.  It’ll take much more than that to get to the desired depth.  I think I’m going to have to hit the Stitches West Market tomorrow.  Darn.

This Can’t be good..

Got out of the house this morning and saw these markings at the end of the driveway, directly behind my car. And the next photo was taken around the corner. I thought the city was finish with our block last summer.

(This is my first attempt at posting via the WordPress iPhone app. See failed technology last year. Don’t know how to link from this app yet, if it is even possible.)

Still Plugging Along

Garter stitch shawl on 3.00mm shawl is deathly dull, no matter how pretty the yarn is.

12 bobbins of singles? 6 down. So far, over 1400 yards of light worsted weight yarn. I think I will have well over 2400 yards by the time I’m done. More than enough for a sweater.

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