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Giving Thanks

I have the fortune of having some wonderful friends who make sure that I’m never alone during the holidays. I will be joining one such extended family for dinner this afternoon. Tomorrow, I’ll be having yet another turkey meal — the club has a tradition of cruising out to Angel Island for Thanksgiving weekend and frying a turkey on the beach.  I made 4 chocolate espresso pecan pies last night. 1 for today, 2 for tomorrow, and 1 to keep and share with Penny‘s family.


The fingerless glove used up about half of spun yarn.  I could have made another pair of fingerless gloves, but I was bored.  So, I decided to make a bow-knot scarf to make a matching set.

I’ve lost track of how many bow knot scarves I’ve made.  It’s one of my favorite quick knits when I need a last minute present.

The Good and the Not-So-Good

First the good…

Chameleon Colorworks Purple Rain/Eggplant 2-ply lace weight yarn previously posted.  Here it is in all its glory, post wet finishing and a light block on the skein winder.  Post wet finishing, the resulting skein measures out at 1156 yards (approx. 2300 ypp).  I lost about 12 yards in the wet finishing.  Not too bad.

Now, the not-so-good…

I was itching to spin some mohair boucle.  I found a small bag of mohair locks that had been dyed in peacock blues, greens and purples.  Lovely to look at.  Until I started to prepare it for spinning.  It was tacky.  It was so tacky that I couldn’t fluff the locks.  I zapped it in the microwave with a sprinkle of water to warm up the grease.  Better, but I had to work fast, and reheat periodically.  Spinning it was interesting.  On the one hand, my hands were well lubricated from the grease, but the yarn was still gummy.

Okay, a hot bath of the yarn should take care of the gummy stuff, right?  Nope.  Boiling water and lots and lots of dish soap later, all I got was a faded skein of yarn.  The color continued to come out in each bath, and the fiber remained tacky.  (I don’t remember where I bought the mohair locks from, since there were no tags in the bag.  I wish I did so that I won’t make that mistake again.)

Lower left, the remaining mohair singles.  Upper right, mohair skein, post however many baths I did.  You can see how much of the color had washed right out.  Both piles went out with last night’s garbage.

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