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Pissing and Moaning

You know what was the real pisser about not being able to go sailing last weekend?  The cruise out was the entire reason why I wasn’t able to attend Black Sheep Gathering.  I had scheduled my trip north on the assumption that I was going to go to Summer Sailstice Hanse Rendezvous.  When the plans fell apart on Saturday morning, it was a real let down.  And it was rather disappointing to drive north on Monday/Tuesday knowing that I was driving toward Eugene when everyone else was leaving.

Okay, gripe over.

On the happy side, I’m up in Washington now for Janine Bajus‘ Designing Your Own Fair Isle Sweater, sponsored by Madrona Fiber Arts.

New Lace Yarn!

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks - Moody Blues

Yarn Specs

Fiber: 3.5 oz (100 gm) Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, Moody Blues colorway; 1 package of bombyx/merino, and 1 of tussah/cashmere, spun onto separate bobbins and then plied together (I still have some leftover singles on a bobbin)
Drafting method: semi-worsted
WPI: approximately 28 wpi (I was lazy and used the spinner’s tool instead of actually wrapping and measuring)
Yardage: 770 yds
Yarn Classification: 2 ply; this equates to 3,250 ypp, which is definitely in the lace weight category.

I had a plan for this yarn when I started, but unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was now. It was definitely lace. It was definitely for >500 yds, which was why I went stash diving for the second package of Moody Blues colorway, even though it has different fiber content. Sheen, drape, softness, and a slight halo. What more can a girl ask for?

Scratch that

No Wind. Broken impeller. Not going anywhere on the boat this weekend. Joys of boat ownership.

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