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Month: May 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Well, I’m off to Italy.  Umbria, to be specific.  Even more specific, Maridiana.  This is the second year that Linda Kirsch has been organizing these tours.  I wasn’t able to go last year due to health issues, but I resolve to do this before I go back to full time employment.  So, now is the time.  Linda has a schedule packed with fun fibery (and food and wine) activities.  We’ll be staying at the alpaca farm, where they will hold a few workshops.  There’s a visit to a cashmere farm, factories, weaving studios, and even truffle tasting!  Evenings are spent drinking and dining local fare.

There is supposed to be internet access at the farm, so, time and energy permitting, I’ll even post a picture or two while I’m there.

In the meantime, there will be very little fibering on the trip, since knitting needles nor crochet hooks are allowed.  I do a nÃ¥lbind needle and a small amount of Brown Sheep yarn, plus a couple of tatting shuttles.  Between naps, I may finally learn how to do one or the other.  I think I’ll be focused on nÃ¥lbinding, since I also don’t have a pair of scissors.  I can’t break cotton and silk threads with my hands as easily as the Brown Sheep singles.  I also have a little of fiber and spindle, so if I get bored.

Yeah, that’s always my biggest fear on these flights.  Boredom.  Add my fidget factor, this long flight will be very long indeed.  For this very reason, I forced myself to sleep less than 3 hours each for the past 2 nights.  (Yes, I’m a little light headed right now.  The pizza I just had at the airport is getting to me.  Unfortunately, I still have nearly an hour to boarding.) The idea is that after a glass of wine on the plane, I’ll be out cold for the duration.  Of course, I’ve also loaded my iPod with several audiobooks, including Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina, and assorted light murder mysteries.

No April Socks

Yup.  I just realized that it is now May and I didn’t finish any socks in April.  (I’ve started 3 pairs, frogged 1, but 2 are still on the needles, if you are keeping track.)

I also drove out to Sacramento today to look at the CNCH Market and Gallery.  I quick day trip of over 280 miles round trip.  Whew!  And would you believe that I didn’t buy any spinning fiber?  A few books, weaving accessories, and some 2/60 silk thread slated for tatting, but they might be re-purposed.

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