The following just came into my inbox last night…

Dear Bohus Knitting Friend,

I have some wonderful news and I wanted all of you, my special Bohus devotees, to be the first to hear, and hopefully mark your calendars:

There will be a Bohus Stickning exhibit in America in 2009! It will be held at the American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis between January 23rd and March 29th, 2009.

Many things about the exhibit are still undecided but during the opening weekend the Institute is hoping to host celebrity guests and present lectures, expert guidance through the exhibit, and show a brand new Swedish documentary film (with English subtitles) about Bohus Stickning. It is even possible that a special Bohus garment will be re-created and released for sale in conjunction with the exhibit.

I hope that many of you will be able to come – if not for the opening weekend festivities, then at least at some point while the exhibit is showing- to celebrate this great event and ASI’s willingness to provide exhibition space for these wonderful garments. This is something I have been dreaming of for for a long time and I am so very happy that it is now in the works for real!

The last time there was a Bohus exhibit was in conjunction with the World’s Fair in New York in 1964 so it is about time for another one, don’t you think?

Warmly, Susanna

I can’t wait! Although, Minneapolis in winter doesn’t sound all that wonderful… I mean, they are still having blizzard warnings in April, for goodness sake!

Not much on the fiber front. I had to head north to meet with the fireplace insert technician. I extended the stay so I can attend the Whidbey Island Spin In. All I can say is, “WOW!” The event sure has grown since the last time I attended the Spin In! They outgrew Coupeville Elementary School and are now in the Oak Harbor High School. (Although, may I be as bold to suggest that Coupeville’s new high school looks like they might be able to accommodate at least that many people and would be closer to Seattle and the rest of the island?)

Eva spent a couple of nights with me this time around. She didn’t get to go to the Spin In because she had class. Kathleen joined us and we stayed up and talked and drank wine. The Spin In was followed up with dinner at Marcy’s with several Spin In attendees and island regulars. Unfortunately, I was hit by “Island Time” on Sunday and didn’t make it make to the Spin In. My firewood delivery was supposed to be at 9, then noon, then 1:30. They finally arrived around 3 and left at 3:30. Much too late to drive north to Oak Harbor (about 20 minutes north) for an event that ended at 4. Dang.

Even less fiber activities since I returned. I’ve been getting my boat ready for the new racing and cruising season. I spent several hours yesterday afternoon scrubbing the decks (hey, it’s mostly teak colored now!). My arm and wrist feel like they belong to someone else now. The good news is that my boat looks great! It’ll be purdy for the South Bay Opening Day ceremonies next Saturday.

We even performed well during the first Beer Can (Wednesday night racing series) of the year on Wednesday! Tomorrow is my first cruise out of the year, and I’ve got to go back and finish scrubbing the decks and check my provisioning. (And I need to figure out how to replace that broken sail slide, now that I found the correct replacement parts.)

The bummer about this particular cruise out? All my sailing-knitting buds have family commitments and won’t be in attendance. No one to do the wine and knitting needle juggling routine with.