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Month: December 2007

Winter Solstice!


Go dance naked in the snow or something to celebrate!

Artisan’s Vest

It’s been cold. I just want to wrap myself up in something soft and warm. I can’t stay in bed under the comforter all day, so…

Artisan’s Vest

Pattern: Artisan’s Vest by Green Mountain Spinnery (I have both the single pattern and the book)
Yarn: Handspun of unknown source and vintage; approximately DK weight; chain-plied. The fiber is most likely from Dicentra Designs, but I can’t be absolutely positive.
Needles: US #6/4.00 mm and crochet hook E
Size: 40″ (because it’s all about layering)

I followed the pattern exactly as written, even down to the needle size and gauge. The only change is the yarn. It’s a little loud, but it’s soft, and warm. It’s also bright enough to cheer up any gray day…too loud for me to comfortably wear outside the house. No matter.

There are random spots where the color is long, and they happily occurred in the top front areas. I didn’t go looking for them, they just happened. I love it when that happens. I even like the fact that they are not the same colors.

For the crocheted edge, I picked up 3 out of every 4th vertical row. I need to find 5 buttons to finish off the front. Any suggestions on colors? I’m thinking a potpourri of colors. What do you think?

I have enough yarn leftover to make a hat or fingerless mitts or both.

I’m now digging through my handspun stash for more yarn that I can turn into winter warmers.

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