I know I said I’m taking a hiatus, but the events of this past week has given me a reminder that things can be a lot worse for me. It is for all the people on the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. These people have not only lost some of their loved ones, they’ve also lost their homes, business, livelihood, and all the treasured items that make up their history, and sometimes, identity.

I have lost Martin, but that seems so insignificant compared to the reality of all those families who will not be returning to New Orleans for 16 weeks. If you do the math, it means that they will be spending the holiday season seeing the rubbles of their lives for the first time since the evacuation.

Please, if you have the means, make donations to the relief organizations. Last I checked, the International Red Cross web site was overtaxed and slow as molasses. Please search for your local Red Cross site, using something like Google Local, and make your donations through them.

Then check with your employer. Some of them offer matching funds for your charitable donations. Double your donations with one simple form.

Some of the relief organizations that I know of are:

I’m sure there are others. I just don’t have it in me to Google them for you.

Thanks for listening. And thanks to everyone who have sent me emails. I’m doing okay. Some moments are better than others. Martin has been part of my live for more than half of it. I need some time to figure out how I’m going to live the next half without him.

I know you come here for fibery discussions. I offer one. My Bosworth Book Charkha arrived the day after Martin’s death. He encouraged me to order it. I finally opened the package this week and started to spin some hand painted silk/cotton I had sitting around. It’s been good therapy.