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New Stuff!

What’s the best way of moving through the doldrums? New projects!

Like I said, I haven’t much felt like knitting lately. Nothing seems to be able to grab my attention for very long. I started a new shawl on my 6′ tri-loom last month, but it lanquished on my loom for a month without any additional work. I started it up again on Friday, when I realized that it really wasn’t me. The yarn just didn’t want to used on a loom.

It’s a beautiful German yarn. Horstia Maulbeerseide-Schurwolle. That’s a 50/50 silk/wool blend in a deep royal blue. Absolutely lovely against the skin with a beautiful sheen. Unfortunately, the softly spun single just wasn’t holding up well to the rough handling. The yarn is very sticky. And I can’t but help feel that the act of opening the shed and weaving the yarn will shred the yarn. I only got through about 10 pins of the yarn before I decided that this is just not the right project for the yarn.

Rib WarmerSo I took it off the loom, and casted on for a rib-warmer. This is using the modified rib warmer in Fall 1997 issue of Knitters. I’ve been wanting to make a rib warmer, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve seem some really beautiful ones in the past few months. There seems to be some sort of renaissance of these things lately. I love wearing vests, especially with the unpredictable indoor climate at the office. There’s nothing worse than sitting at your desk all day and have your shoulders creep up to your ears because your back is cold.

pink and white mohair shawl on tri-loomBut I didn’t leave the loom empty. I started another shawl on it with Classic Elite La Gran Mohair. It’s a bulky weight yarn, which is better suited to the tri-loom than worsted weight. It’s not the easiest thing to weave with because it’s so sticky. But with patience, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve learned that if you rush it, the worse the problem gets. Plucking a few warp threads at a time to open the shed. Once you’ve opened the shed for the entire length, the shed stays fairly open/distinct even without a shed stick. Actually, I found that any type of tools, other than your hands, is a waste of time. I’m planning on giving it to Sandy for her belated birthday when we take Ian & Sandy to dinner next Friday night.

But I haven’t forgotten this. I now have a lovely little stack of woven squares, made with my square quilt weaver loom. It’s still not enough to make a couch shawl, but I still have a few skeins to go. If it’s still not enough, then I’ll have to dye some more from my stash of Kool Aid.

Oh, and this came in the mail this week. It’s a jumbo pack of Earthues natural dye extract, enough to dye 160 pounds of fiber. More than enough to play with, wouldn’t you say?


I’ve been weaving little squares on my Hazel Rose Looms. Martin gave me Quilt Weaver’s Set in lace wood maple around Christmas. I’m using the pink kool aid dyed yarn that I spun up a while back. There’s a pretty little stack of them right now. When I’m finished, I’ll piece them into a TV/couch shawl for Martin. Good thing Martin’s not afraid to wear pink. But, then, who really cares what color it is when you are all snuggled up with your favorite book or the remote control?

I was disappointed to find out today that my Navajo Weaving lessons will need to be postponed. The next weekend that Hannelore and I both have free will be the end of July. Darn. I was so looking forward to it. I’m thinking that I will build myself a simple frame loom and try some tapestry weaving in the meantime. I want to weave, darn it.

I also have some ideas floating around for some card weaving samples, so there’s no shortage of things to do.

I don’t know why, but knitting just hasn’t been high on my list I want to do right now. I started spinning more silk/wool. This time, it’s a bombyx/merino from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks that I purchased at Stitches West.

Monet’s Garden

Monet's Garden Wool/Silk SkeinA work related crisis on Sunday kept me close to my cell phone and my computer. With lots of what I call “hurry up and wait” time on my hands, I finished plying the Monet’s Garden wool/silk that I had been spinning. As much as I love this blend and colorway, it felt as if I’ve been spinning this forever. I was relieved when I finally finished it. (I’ve been spinning the singles on and off for about 3-4 weeks.)

There you have it. Slightly more than 1,000 yards / 8 oz. of 2-ply yarn at 20 wpi. Although most conversion charts list this as lace weight, I think it’s more like a fingering weight yarn. But, it’s enough to give me pause about knitting a top with it. That’s an awful lot of small gauge knitting.

Posting might be a bit sparse in the next while, because work has gotten a wee bit interesting. It’s not that I’m not doing fiber related work, but I may not have the opportunity to take pictures, download, cull, and write.

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