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Remembering 228


228 Rally in Taiwan, 2004

More on what happened on February 28, 1947:

  • 228 Incident
  • Various first hand accounts of the events
  • Formosa Betrayed by George H. Kerr, now a movie (2009)
  • Magic

    Socks with Magic Loop

    I had a little private lesson with Sarah during the Gig Harbor Retreat on how to use the Magic Loop for socks. As I mentioned, this little lesson has changed my opinion of the magic loop method. Why? Because I was getting ladders at the “turn” and I often would slide the 2 sides together back into a single side. Per Sarah, it was probably because I was using a too short circular (32″ addis). She recommends a 40″ needle. Not that the 32″ doesn’t work, mind you, but that the 40″ is much easier. I hied myself up to the vendor booths and promptly bought a 40″ addi with some Koigu (just twist my arm!).

    Then, she taught me her method for doing toe-ups. Yes, it’s just a regular figure-eight cast on, but she made it so much easier. Why? She helped me get over the fear of that sloppy initial row. How? Keep it sloppy! This makes it easier to go back and neaten it up later, after you have a few rows under your belt. Now, you can actually see what stitches need to be tidied up instead of digging around for the correct row.

    Whew. 2 fears/dislikes allayed with a single session. Here are pictures of toe up socks.


    I played hookey from work yesterday afternoon and took Cat’s class on making felted mobius bowls. What a mind blowing experience that was! I’ve been wanting to try a mobius scarf for quite a while, but reading about all the different manipulations one has to go through to get the twist in there correctly so that you can knit it as a single piece (vs. seaming after the fact, like they teach you in grade school with paper strips) was hard to visualize.

    I don’t believe I’ve seen the way Cat does it on any of the web sites/patterns. I’ll have to do more research on this to be absolute certain. But what I can say that it is the most fascinating experience. You just can’t believe that what you are doing is going to work, but each “round” that you knit, you are actually traversing the entire single edge.

    All I can say is … buy the book (on Mobius knitting: scarves and bowls) when it comes out later this summer. Especially if you are mathematically/scientifically/puzzle minded. You can have endless hours/days of fun with this.

    pre-felted mobius bowl

    Here’s a picture of the pre-felted bowl. It’s made from Araucania Nature Wool in black. I had some leftover from the skein, so I casted on another mobius for Martin to see (he didn’t believe me). It was just enough to make a little hair band for me. A little Alice in Wonderland. Or is that Alice Through the Looking Glass?

    P.S. My new drum carder came in yesterday. More on it later this week.


    02-blue-socks.jpgIt took me an embarrassing amount of time to finish this pair of socks. I believe that I started this on a cruise through the San Juan Islands about 18 months ago. I found it in the bottom of the sail bag at one point, then lost it in the move, and found it again. I took it with me as plane knitting project, and I finally finished it at the retreat. You see, I had to finish it because I met Sarah Hauschka. Why? Because she gave me a one-on-one lesson on her Magic Loop method on Thursday night of the retreat. But I promised myself that I wouldn’t work on the Magic Loop sock after the lesson until I’ve finished this darn albatross, er, blue socks.

    When I finished them, they were a bit big. I thought that it was just because I hadn’t washed them yet. But when I got home, I realized that they fit Martin perfectly. Sigh. I must have sized them for Martin during the cruise. You see, they were toe-up socks and I had already turned the heel when I lost them. The second sock was made to match the first, without trying them on. Oh well. Martin got a pair of nifty new Lorna’s Laces socks.

    Now, for the next part of the confession. I bought an embarrassing amount of fiber (both yarn and spinning fiber) at Stitches West. So I’m not going to post them. All you need to know is that I now have enough to last me until at least Blacksheep, if I spin every waking hour between now and then (forget about work and eat), and learn to knit in my sleep. And all I have to say is that Judith MacKenzie McCuin told us in one of the classes at the retreat … (paraphrasing lots here) if a fiber speaks to you, buy it. Even if you don’t know what to do with it. It spoke to you on some level. You are an artist. You and the fiber will eventually come to terms and figure out what it wants to be. Stop feeling guilty. (This is spoken from a woman who started to panic when her stash dropped below 2,000 pounds. Yes, that’s right. Two THOUSAND pounds.)

    My drumcarder is finally finished and ready for shipping. And with my bonus from work, I’m going to buy a new spinning wheel? Why? Because Judith told me that I should. What other excuse does a gal need? Can you tell who my new idol is?

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