Changes and Introductions

I’ve been tweaking the web log layouts a bit. Bear with me. Sorry if you got some garbaged up pages while I’ve been playing around with my stylesheets. I’m aiming for less scrolling, but we’ll see how this goes. I might tweak it some more this weekend.

I’d like to introduce my sister, Grace. I’ve added her as an author to my web logs and she’ll be an occassional contributor here. She has an adorable little girl named Iris. Say hi to Grace! I’ve categorized our entries so that you can just look at the entries by either one of us. The default view is double the fun!

Needless to say, I haven’t accomplished anything in terms of the second slipper sock. I’ll work on it during CSI.


NASA logoShuttle Columbia Crew: Commander Rick Husband, Pilot William McCool, Payload commander Michael Anderson, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Laurel Clark, Ilan Ramon.

Our thoughts are with their families.

Horse’s Ass

Yes, we all know that the State of Washington has a problem. Okay, 2 problems. Tim Eyman and the state initiative process. Specifically, Tim Eyman’s exploitation of the state initiative process for personal gain. So, all I can say is “Where do I sign this new initiative? Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass

Spinning … I finished plying my second spool of Lorna’s Laces wool. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

Pager Duty … is OVAH! (I love Iron Chef) Woohoo! Unfortunately, 6 hours after getting off call … 30 minutes after getting home, my cell phone rings … the person who is on rotation? His laptop is dead. And he’s my boss. Augh! Martin started busting out laughing when he heard me whine on the phone “but I covered for you last time!” Thank goodness, he’s getting someone else, after I sent a couple of emails out for him. Sigh. I shoulda listened to him … “don’t answer your cell phone!” My advice for Rick? Get someone else on your speed dial! Program the other members of the team’s cell phone numbers in your cell phone.


Hooray! I realized that I didn’t have to use CGI but can use JavaScript to create my knit increase calculator. Anyway, it’s done. Give it a whirl.

I’ll be moving it to somewhere else, once I’ve revamped my web pages, but for now, it will do.

Still working on the vest. I’ve finished the sleeve decreases in the back. Just need to finish knitting the back with Brown Sheep and then I can start the fun with Kureyon on the front!

First Log!

Well, I’ve installed my very own weblog. I feel a little arrogant for thinking that people will want to read what I have to say. The whole “build it and they will come” attitude. Then, there is the, do I really want anyone and everyone out there to know what I’m doing and thinking? How much of myself do I really want to open up for just anyone to pull apart, dissect, opine?

We’ll just wait and see how this develops. In any case, this weblog is primarily an offshoot of my fiber addiction. I want to track, share, and discuss my various fiber projects, and just plain — show it off!

Fortissima Mexiko - colorway 9071
To kick that off … I finally finished off the pair of Fortissima Mexiko socks that I started at the end of September during the fiber retreat at Ft. Flagler. This is the first pair that I’ve made using short-row heel. So far, I really like the results. I did not have little “holes” at the turns that I thought I would have. I used the wrapped stitch method and that appears to really have worked. I’ll take a picture of them tomorrow, before I wash them, and load it to the log. I have to wash my weaving sample anyway, so maybe I’ll toss them in together.

Then, there are the pictures of the Bond kittens that I have to take and send to MEOW. We are fostering two adorable little black and white tuxedo attired kittens that we’ve named for two of our favorite Bonds … Roger and Sean. Sean’s got this slightly more prominent left eye brow that makes him look like he has the perpetual Sean Connery eye brow lift.

And if I have any time left over, I’ll play with the display options of these logs.