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Next weekend, I will be taking a workshop on natural dyes with Anni Redding. She will show us dyes using cochineal and osage orange in 3 different depths of shade: light, medium and dark. I plan to dye the squares I’ve woven with the Zoom Loom a while back.

Since I plan to overdye some of the samples, if time allows, I wanted to get an idea of what the colors might look like.

Since overdying is similar to glazing technique with watercolors, I pulled out 3 colors that are close to the cochineal (quinacridone magenta), osage orange (nickel azo yellow), and indigo (phthalo blue – green shade). I painted 3 strips in varying depths of shade and glazed over them with additional colors.

Bottom up:

  • 1st row/square: colors as is
  • 2nd set of 3 rows/squares: glazed with yellow first, then red over 2, then blue over last
  • 3rd set of 3 rows/squares: glazed over with red first, then red over 2, then blue over last

I pooped out over the darkest shade so they are not correct, but you get the idea. The order in which the glaze is applied does make a difference to the colors.

Anyway, fun coloring exercise. Let’s see how they turn out with dyes.

Indigo in the news!


A piece of 6,000-year-old fabric, dyed indigo blue. (Lauren Urana)

Researchers found evidence of indigo dyed fabric in Peru from over 6,000 years ago! How cool is that? This dates further back than previously found indigo from Egypt (by over 1,500 years).

Madder Shibori #2


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