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Triangles Galore

Last year, I completed two sweaters based on Colleen Davis’ Triangle Mambo sweater pattern. I worked on the first sweater while Iris was undergoing a tonsillectomy. In the confusion when she came out of the anesthesia and cried for mommy, I lost the pattern. So the sweater is loosely based on Colleen’s pattern. Fortunately, I read the pattern all the way through before commencing like a good girl.
I am wearing the jewel-toned version made from 5 balls of Kureyon and assorted solids and heathers. My SIL, Debbie, is wearing the one made from 9 balls of Kureyon (with only 2 m of yarn to spare!).
Here is the back.

Fiber, Air and Thread

http://www.fibermusings.net/images/grace/end with solvy.jpg
I have been making scarves by sandwiching yarns and fabric scraps between two sheets of Solvy and then quilting a grid with my sewing machine to hold it together. Since DH left his backpack with our digital camera behind at Disneyland, I had to scan this on our flatbed scanner. You can still see the Solvy on this piece. It is made of nylon ribbon, two colors of flax yarn, fun fur and beige thread. This one went to a coworker moving across the country next week.

Miss I was so thrilled to wake up one morning to find this drying on the banister, that she just had to model this one for you. It was drying because I gave it a good soaking in warm water to dissolve the Solvy, of course. She has bedhead. Miss I, not the scarf. This one is composed of nylon ribbon, recycled silk that Ann had unspun and washed for me, some leftover fancy black/multi/sparkly yarn and lots of colors of thread. This one went to Miss I’s teacher for her birthday.

Another FO

Ann’s limk to the fiber arts bloggers web ring brought me to Fuzzy Galore’s blog. Oh, gotta have that spiral scarf! I started 2 nights ago and finished it last night. I used some leftover blue Homespun and the largest hook that I had, a size J. The spirals sure look nifty. But, if I hadn’t been in such a fever to start right away, I should have gone out and bought a bigger hook. It really is a bit too heavy and firm.

Next up, the scarf made of air and a few bits of ribbon, yarn, fabric and thread. [With a little help from Sulky Solvy.] See Sew New’s free sewing projects link on their website for the instructions.

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