New Year, New FOs

I promised myself that I would end 2005 with fewer WIPs than at the beginning. So, on New Year’s eve, I was seaming up the blue sweater I started in Italy.


I made up the pattern as I went along, using my gauge and Iris’ measurements. The front and back are semi-rectangular, but I bound off an inch at each armhole edge. I also bound off the shoulders with a 3-needle BO for 1/3 of the width on each side, keeping live stitches in the center. Then I knit the neck opening in the round with 2 circulars.

I picked up the sleeve stitches and knit them downward, being careful to pick up a stitch at each side of the BO underarm area and then knitting (or purling) that together with the first sleeve stitch a la Domino Knitting. I decreased the sleeve about every inch. When it was the right length, I did a few rows of garter stitch and BO. I seamed with some baby blue DK wool.

The novelty yarn was stretchy and never gave me the same gauge twice when I tried to measure it. Iris was squirmy and I never got the same measurement twice with her either. But, I averaged the measurments and the photos prove that it worked OK.

I also made a spikey mitered square scarf out of some yarn that slowly changes colors. Here is a closeup of the sweater and scarf textures.


BTW, I have posted some pix of Italy (yarn shop windows!) on my other blog.

St Marcos Piazza


Some say that pigeons are like flying rats. But everything is more romantic in Venice! Plus, Iris loved feeding the pigeons and we couldn’t resist buying the corn for her. Perhaps avian flu will change all that.

It is hard to see in this photo, but Iris is wearing a pendant of Venetian glass.

I made the dress entirely out of stuff I found at SAS fabrics in Lawndale, California. The zipper was $.10, applique was $.15, fabric was about $.50 (sold by weight). I lied in the first sentence because I bought the metrosene thread elsewhere. The Bernina sales lady taught me never to buy cheap thread.

Oct 29, 2005

I went to a two week class at this place. (Click on the image for a larger one if you want to read the sign.) Iris and Mark flew out to spend the second week with me. I emailed a picture of the sign as it appeared from the road so that Mark would recognize the turnout. He emailed back, ‘You went halfway around the world to go to Malibu?’ Well, it was like Malibu, only without the armed guards on ATVs running the riffraff off a public beach that the public paid for. Well, this is an entry about our trip, not about local LA politics.

After the class, we took a ferry from Corsica to Italy. The only sad part about our trip was when we left Iris’ beloved kangaroo sweatshirt somewhere on our trip.

Missing: reward for our little Kangaroo

Since Iris had a growth spurt and Mark packed clothes that fit Iris last year, we had to go shopping. Everything was so expensive because the dollar was weak relative to the euro. But Italian yarn is a real bargain when bought in Italy. So I went to a mercerie and got these.

And here is Iris wearing the WIP back home in our sewing/crafts room. I was going to crop the photo, but remembered Crazy Aunt Purl’s admonition to show more of one’s home in blog entries. Not only is it good for net voyeurs, lazy thieves can also case joints in their jammies!