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Trying something new

What project did I try from Annie’s book? I tried knitting with wire. Yes, it was slow going and challenging. But what a rewarding process!

A beaded wire bracelet. Photos of the process at badmom.

More Dyeing Adventures

Dharma Trading sent me a silk cut velvet scarf as part of some promotion some time ago. I actually got around to dyeing it using these instructions before the super bowl yesterday. I used sapphire blue and turquoise procion dyes, pouring them directly on the damp scarf. See the scarf in the plastic shoebox in the kitchen sink?
I then poured in a bit of soda ash and salt solution into the box, put two layers of plastic cling wrap on top, and set it on the sunny flagstone patio during the game. I made the mistake of washing the completed scarf by machine. The fringe knotted up horribly.
I also did a few onesies. Here is my favorite.
And here are its siblings.

Recipes are at BadMom.

We have tie-dye

More pictures can be found at badmom.

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