TdF Stage 3 – Phooey.

My memory is seriously faulty. I bought some additional Return to Sender fiber at CNCH to augment the original RTS skein, which was only 2 ounces. Unfortunately, I thought it was Bluefaced Leicester. The intention was to add another breed to my TdF breeds list. Guess what? It was merino. Not that merino is bad, but I’ve already got that tick mark.

As I was spinning it, I kept thinking, hmm, these colors are more saturated than I remembered? And guess what? I was right. They are similar, but not the same. Add insult to injury, I looked at the fiber content…not the same. The original RTS was 80/20 merino/bamboo. The one I bought at CNCH was SW merino/nylon. That may account for the difference in color as well. Sigh.

CNCH 2010 Return to Sender skeins.

2-ply yarn: SW merino/nylon plied with spun silk hankie. Same as here. 510 yards of fingering weight. Top is the original RTS, and the bottom is the new skein. See the color difference?

The yarn in the new skein will poof up a bit after a nice bath, even though it is SW merino. I may make a triangle shawl out of it with the original skein at the top of the tri.

TdF Stage 2 – Woohoo!

Spirit Trail Fiberworks Scottish Thistle plied with Lichen. 1700 yards @ ~28 wpi.

It took most of the day, but I did it. It’s just shy of 8 oz (7.93 to be exact). I still have a small bit of Scottish Thistle left on the bobbin.

With the miniSpinner set at 2 O’Clock and the WooLee Winder, this was as mindless as plying can get. I had the 2 singles laced through my fingers of one hand for tensioning. I occasionally tweaked the tension with my pinky, depending on whether I needed more or less twist.

Next up? I have plenty to choose from. And I will work my way through the stash, hitting as many different breeds in The Knitter’s Book of Wool as possible!

TdF Stage 1 – Plying

I spent part of the day at the club playing around with small sailboats and socializing, followed by a BBQ at a friend’s house, so there was minimal spinning happening here. In place of actual progress, let me give you a few pictures.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks 50/50 merino/silk singles.

There is 4 oz each of Lichen (foreground) and Scottish Thistle (background) colorways. It is about 50 wpi.

It is amazing how slow it is to ply these 2 bobbins. As of the time I went to bed, I have about 2 oz of 2-ply yarn on the bobbin. But that means I still have about 5-6 oz to go.

Stage 3 of Le Tour contains hills. That will be my challenge today. Let’s see if I can finish plying this today.

TdF Prologue

Today is the start of Le Tour. First up is a Prologue. This is a short time trial to determine who wears maillot jaune on the opening day.

I’m using this day to finish up spinning some in progress singles I have on the miniSpinner. It’s 4 oz of Spirit Trail Fiberworks‘ 50/50 merino/silk in the Lichen colorway. I have less than an ounce left to spin. I plan to ply this with the Scottish Thistle that has already been spun. This is intended as lace weight warp for a weaving project (project yet to be determined).

A great way to warm up!