ICAD 2014

It’s that time again. Index-Card-a-Day 2014 is on! Yes, I failed miserably last year. I didn’t make it past 5 days. In my defense, I was on vacation without internet access shortly after ICAD started. On return, it completely slipped my mind.


Work has been kicking my rear too, but I’m game for another go. My cards will be shown in the left sidebar unless I decide I need blog fodder and insert it here.

Happy June!


Well, it’s only one week into ICAD 2013 and I already failed. Last few days have been busy getting things ready for vacation. And today, the driver showed up early, just as I was organizing my ICAD supplies (just where the blazes did my new package of glue stick disappeared to???). So, that did not get packed. Realistically, I doubt I will have time while on vacation so I will have to drop out. Maybe I’ll do my own in July and August instead. Maybe.

See ya!


beaded hearts
beading hearts

ICAD started during CNCH, so the first few cards were all CNCH related. I love the one for day 2 — beaded hearts. I took a workshop with Anita Luvera Mayer on Beaded Heart Pins. I used the leftover scraps and made this little card.

I’ve added a gallery for recent cards on the left. You can hover over a card to see any notes associated with it or click through to my Flickr Set for ICAD 2013.

It will be a challenge for me to keep this going daily in June, but that will be my challenge!

Having fun

I’m still having fun with the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. That is, one week in, I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet.

I find index cards to be an interesting medium for watercolor. You have to work in very quick light washes. You can’t over work it or it will become too saturated. Buckling is definitely an issue, even with a watercolor ground applied to it. But on an unprepped card, I like how the water pools and saturates the edges and create a little border, don’t you? This card has about 3 light washes of color applied.

You might think that I’ve abandoned my fiber crafts for this little project but I have wound a 10 yard warp. I haven’t dressed the loom yet because I made 2 mistakes in 2 of my bouts. One of them, I forgot to tie my counting cross so I’ve lost the measurements for my raddle.

No problem! Warp front to back. I’ve still got my individual cross. But in the last bout, somehow I missed the last 2 pegs, and thus the cross) on one go around (2 threads). Still, not disaster, I can just either tie in an extension, or easier yet, just drop that set completely and measure off another pair to use. I think I have just enough yarn for that. My warp used up all except about 50 yards of an entire cone and I don’t have anymore of that color.

Neither of the problems are huge, but mere snags. However, I get stalled out at little snags like this and have to talk myself into moving on.

What about you? What causes you to stall out on a project?

ICAD Progress

I added a widget in the lower left sidebar to show the last 5 cards for my Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. Just for grins, I also included a widget to show a random set of cards from the ICAD Flickr pool so you can see what others are up to.

What I’m finding out is that I’m thinking and planning ahead for what I will do next before I’m finished with the current day’s card. I need to let go and just let the inspirations come each day, even if there are no inspirations that jump to the foreground.