CNCH 2011

Have you seen the program information for CNCH 2011? It looks like another fabulous conference! This is the “small” conference year — no vendors, just workshops. It’s even smaller than normal. It will be limited to 150 attendees. That’s it. That’s all the town will handle.

So, when’s registration? Online registration opens sometime during the day of November 1st. Yup. One week from today. Get your selections ready!


If I can’t entice you go come join in on the fun at CNCH in Santa Clara this weekend, perhaps this will. Tien‘s wedding dress and coat will be in the fashion show as well as in the gallery on Saturday and Sunday.

This year, CNCH has partnered with PenWAG for the fashion show. In addition to Tien’s wedding ensemble, there will be lots of other fabulous garments in the show. After the Friday night fashion show, the garments will be on display in the gallery for the remainder of the weekend.  Daily admission to the gallery, exhibits and market is $10.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down!

Curiously Addictive

Crocheted Flowers

Made with assorted leftover handspun and sock yarn. Pattern can be found here. You need to have a Lion Brand website account. But if you are like me, you use this.

And if you want to know what they are for, you just need to come to CNCH!

Return To Sender

There’s nothing like an impending deadline to jump start the old creative juices. Of course, it could just be the adrenaline speaking. Case in point. I dawdled on Deb’s Scarf (not Menz) until the day before I was going to give her the present. Yes, I could have waited and given it to her late, but it wouldn’t be the same.

CNCH 2010 Return to Sender: 80/20 merino/bamboo

Now, I’m facing down the week before the deadlines for CNCH entries — Return to Sender (RTS) and Gallery.  I have committed to RTS — I bought the fiber. Yes, it’s true. I don’t actually have to submit it, but I feel obligated. The roving has been sitting on my desk. I look at it every so often and think, “Oooh, look how purdy!” But what do I want to do with it?

After Deb’s class, the thought to ply it against itself no longer has appeal. With Kathryn’s class under my belt, the thought of a balance single also crossed my mind. But I’m not confident enough of my singles to submit. There are going to be some spectacular entries, so I need to think a bit outside the box.

I pinged Amy & Carolyn on what they thought I should ply with this. I’ve been on a green kick lately. I thought of doing something with the olive. Amy suggested something warm. Caroline says to just go for it, but the olive might be too yellow. So I sat on it a bit more.

Chasing Rainbows Silk Hankies - Peacock Colorway

Due date is next Monday. The next committee meeting is on Saturday — a perfect time to deliver it in person. But it means that I’d better get cracking. And I really started to work on the color options. Suddenly, I remembered some silk hankies that I’ve been playing with.

As you can see, I’ve made one scarf with it and made a weaving sampler with it. Do I have enough? I highly doubt it.

I looked up my fiber database. Yea! There’s one more package in a bin in the garage. Hmm. But was that this package or another package? This morning, I went to the bin, and there it is. Another full ounce of hankies in the same colorway. Thank goodness for databases and marked bins!

Aside: I have Sheila to thank for the database thing. When she first told me about her database/spreadsheet, I just thought that she was even more of an OCD than I was. (That reminds me, I need to mark the new package as consumed!)

See how pretty they look together? My plan is to spin a fine single of each and ply them together. The RTS fiber will not be stripped because I want long repeats of the colors. And no, I don’t think I will separate out individual colors to make longer repeats. I’ve tried that in the past but it loses the subtle color shifts. I’d like to preserve those if I can.

As for what I think will happen, my guess is that the purple and olive sections of both the silk and the merino/bamboo will blend and the silk will disappear. The sections of red/orange/yellow will pop out. That’s my guess. We’ll see if I’m right when I’m done plying.

I think they would make a really pretty weft yarn for a scarf at the next CNCH Gallery. What do you think?