Fractal Danger


After seeing Mel’s handspun Fractal Danger, I immediately dove into my stash for suitable yarn. I came up with the 2 ply Rainbow Farms Pygora yarn I spun up over a year ago. (Top skein of the bottom photo) I have to say, this yarn is really really yummy. I had to rip out the first few inches of the scarf several times until I found the right needle size for a fabric I liked. This yarn just got better and better as if bloomed. Needless to say, it handled the ripping very well. You can see the area that I re-knit several times in the small elongated triangle to the above right of the yarn ball.

Tennis Socks

Remember when I was on a kick to knit my own tennis socks and fine tune the sock recipe? Yeah, it was fun. They wore really well. This summer, I wanted to make more.

Guess what? What I wrote on the blog was the extent of my notes on the recipes. Seriously. That’s it. At least I had the blog to refer back to, I guess, or I’d have nothing. Nothing.


This time, I’m making notes. There was a lot of ripping as I reconstructed the rolled rims. Hopefully, I won’t lose these notes.

These socks are slightly different from the first set because I’m using fishy lips heels. That has become my favorite short row heel construction method.

Done and Tested


Took it out for a test ride today. It didn’t stick to my neck and the Koigu is nice and soft against my neck. It looks like I am wearing rainbow colored Croakies to boot.


Earbud Cozy

earbudsI know. It sounds silly. It is silly. Especially if you consider that I’m using Koigu with size 1 needles. But really, I’ve been thinking about this almost since the first day I got these bluetooth earbuds. I tend to “glow” during these warmer days, the silicone flat cord sticks to the back of my neck and get stuck. Sometimes sticky enough that one of the earbuds pull out when I turn my head too quickly. Hence the cozy.

Knitted 5 stitch i-cord around the flat cord with leftover Koigu on #1 needles.

Bike Mitts

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been riding my bicycle for my work commute. I don’t use bike gloves since the ones I have used before didn’t really do much in terms of keeping my hands warm. They were more for padding than anything else. But that was over 10 years ago. I don’t know how things have changed since then.

BikeMittHowever, I have been using my handspun fingerless gloves. They work well unless it is really cold or windy. Sometime in December, I lost them. I have no idea where they are. I guess I should check lost and found at work.

In the meantime, the other pair that I had made had also gone MIA. I have absolutely no idea how I could have lost 2 pairs of fingerless mitts when I need them the most.

For now, I am wearing a pair of wind block fleece gloves. They are actually working quite well, but there are times when it’s too mild for them. Besides, I miss my fingertips. I use my fingertips to adjust zippers, hats/ear warmers, earbuds and control my phone (volume and playback). To do that with the fleece gloves, I have to pull over to the side, take the glove off, do what needs to be done, and pull it back on before continuing on my merry way. The gloves are just too bulky.

BikeMittNotesSo, I decided to knit another pair for bicycling. These will be dedicated biking mitts so I took a hard look at what worked well and what could be improved with the pair I lost. Then I winged the rest, designing as I went.

This time around, I didn’t assume that I will remember from one mitt to the other and took copious notes. Not only that, I took notes on something other than the back of an envelope that might accidentally be tossed into the recycling bin.

Wish me luck on the second mitt!