Wash Day

WashDayI love wash days around here. It’s so colorful. Several of these skeins have been sitting around, waiting for their turn in the bath.

I have a new strategy for setting the twist. I squeeze the water out of the skein with my hands but I don’t spin the water out nor roll it between towels. I just put it on the hanger and let the weight of the water to weigh the skein. I have found that this does a great job of removing any kinks without losing the liveliness/bounce of the yarn since the weight (water) is removed as the skein dries.

Of course, this works better during the summer than it does in winter.  However, I have rigged up a second shower rod in the guest bath centered over the tub and a few inches from the ceiling. This allows items to drip dry into the tub without messy water everywhere.

SkeinsHere they are, all dry and put away. Pretty, aren’t they? From top to bottom:

  • Rainbow Farms Pygora: Loch Ness (50/50 Pygora/Cormo), Seattle (60/35/5 Pygora, Merino, Silk). 4.23 oz, 512 yds, 2 ply. Spun and plied on Tina II.
  • BFL (purchased at Whidbey Island Spin In, can’t find label): one skein more blue, one more minty green. 462 yds (6.03 oz) and 522 yds (6.32 oz) respectively. Spun on Matchless, plied on mSpinner.
  • The Wacky Windmill: Gloomy Day, Superwash Wool (feels like merino). 4.26 oz, 270 yds. Spun and plied on Matchless.
  • Fibermorphosis: Superwash Merino. 11.11 oz, 1,456 yds, 3 ply. Spun on Matchless, plied on mSpinner.

New Slippers

I have really been enjoying the monthly guild felting group. This month, we decided to make slippers. Good thing too, since my favorite wool Haflinger slippers gave up the ghost a while ago. I had the felt insert replaced but it was beyond hope when I wore through the toe. It had a good 20 year run. I should be happy. My replacement Acorn slippers, sadly, did not last nearly as long.


Here’s what a couple of hours of work look like. The green plastic underneath is the form I worked from. The trick to removing the form is to cut a slit that is large enough to pull the form out, but not too big since the hole will enlarge as you continue the felting process. I should also add that you need to make the slit large enough to easily put your hand in and turn it inside out as you complete the felting process. That’s why there is such a funky dog ear at the heel because I had to cut again after fighting it for a while.

I did the final fulling with the slippers on my foot so there is a definite right and left slipper. I got a nice self foot massage in the process. Bonus!


Here it is after I trimmed it once it is fully dried. As you can see, the edge where I trimmed was much fluffier than the edges that did not need trimming. This is because the edge was felted down and the body was less felted down. I want to weave a tape to cover up the cut edge to hide the inconsistent width.

The finished slippers weigh less than 2 oz. Yes, less than 2 oz of wool. I plan to wear these at the loom this winter. I don’t want to worry about wearing through the sole so I will sew on a few pieces of leather on the bottom.

Hopefully, the leather will add more weight to these slippers. Why? They are light enough each that Stormy thinks they are part of her toy collection and she carries them around. Each morning, I find them in a different part of the house than where I place them the night before.


An ICAD based on one of the slippers.




Months after I finished Multnomah, I finally wore it for the first time today.

Why? I had it draped on the back of the couch after blocking. Stormy immediately commandeered it as her couch “bed.”

Last month, I finally shooed her off the shawl, washed and re-blocked it…that was when I had found two snags/broken thread in the bound off edge.

It took me until this weekend to find the leftover yarn, un-pick back to the last broken thread, and re-knit the edge.

Felted Purse

I took a workshop with Carin Engen today on making felted purse. What fun! We worked the felt around a template cut from a blue tarp.

Layer 1
1st layer in eggplant

At this point, it looks a bit like Sasquatch pelt.

2nd Layer
2nd layer in progress

Then we cut out the handle and then the inside cut section becomes the flap. The other flap is folded inside and will be a pocket.

finished purse
Finished purse!

The pink design is supposed to be a jelly fish. You may have to squint and use a lot of imagination.

More Yarn


I finally got around to winding these off of the bobbins. I don’t remember where I purchased the fiber. I think it is Crown Mountain Fibers. I’ve lost the tag so I don’t know what the color way is either.


  • superwash merino
  • spun & plied on Watson Marie
  • chain plied
  • 250 grams
  • 2 skeins, 884 yards
  • 1,604 ypp

Maybe another vest?