TdF Stage 1 – Plying

I spent part of the day at the club playing around with small sailboats and socializing, followed by a BBQ at a friend’s house, so there was minimal spinning happening here. In place of actual progress, let me give you a few pictures.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks 50/50 merino/silk singles.

There is 4 oz each of Lichen (foreground) and Scottish Thistle (background) colorways. It is about 50 wpi.

It is amazing how slow it is to ply these 2 bobbins. As of the time I went to bed, I have about 2 oz of 2-ply yarn on the bobbin. But that means I still have about 5-6 oz to go.

Stage 3 of Le Tour contains hills. That will be my challenge today. Let’s see if I can finish plying this today.