Card Weaving

card woven band

Not much has been happening here. Things have been crazy at work, so you’ll just have to whet your appetite with this little bit. It’s a card woven band that I was shamed into finally finishing this past weekend. I took a card weaving class from Gundrun Polak of The Loomy Bin back in March. I attended the TWIST meeting at CNCH this weekend. There was a young man (middle or high school) who took the same class a month later, showing off his beautifully finished woven band. I’m such a slacker.

But finishing this piece, I remembered all the fun I had with this technique. Doing something new is always exciting. That thrill of discovery with every turn (literally!). But there’s also something mathematically challenging that appeals to me. I find that there more interactivity with card weaving than with weaving on a loom. The planning doesn’t stop after you warp the loom.