Done and Tested

Jul 11 2016

Took it out for a test ride today. It didn’t stick to my neck and the Koigu is nice and soft against my neck. It looks like I am wearing rainbow colored Croakies to boot. Success!

Earbud Cozy

Jul 10 2016

I know. It sounds silly. It is silly. Especially if you consider that I’m using Koigu with size 1 needles. But really, I’ve been thinking about this almost since the first day I got these bluetooth earbuds. I tend to “glow” during these warmer days, the silicone flat cord sticks to the back of my […]

Singles Done

Jul 09 2016

Finished with my singles. 4 oz on each bobbin, spun on my Matchless. I think I will ply on my Lendrum. I haven’t used my Lendrum in a while. The color is truer in the top bobbin.

Pardon the dust…

Jul 07 2016

The old theme didn’t handle searches properly. It only returned first page of results without a link for older entries. I couldn’t figure out where the script was buried in the theme so I thought I’d just use a theme that handled the search correctly. The colors are a bit in your face purple right […]