Sunday * April 19th 2015

Unknown Silk

UnknownSilkWhile looking for a missing ball of yarn to repair my yet to be worn Multnomah Shawl*, I came across a cardboard spool of silk that I don’t remember spinning. It’s a mix of very soothing russets, browns, and lavender. It must have been spun a while back on a spinning wheel because it just doesn’t have enough twist. I spin silk with a lot more twist when I spin on a drop spindle.

There is about 1.5 oz of silk. It’s bombyx. The coloring makes me think that it is another Chasing Rainbow colorway.

I will put it back through the spinning wheel. The question, of course, is to leave it as a single for weft or ply it for more versatility in future use.

Doesn’t everyone have random bobbins of cobwebby handspun silk of unknown origin sitting around?

* The shawl has been sitting on the back of the couch since I blocked it, where it was claimed by Stormy. I took it off last week to wash and re-block so I could wear it at CNCH. That was when I found “someone” snagged the bound off edge. I’ll have to undo the edge and reknit it. That’s where the yarn comes in. I can find every other scrap of leftover yarn except the one for this shawl. What are the odds of that????

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green Silk

Green Silk

May the luck of the Irish be with you today!

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Felted Purse

I took a workshop with Carin Engen today on making felted purse. What fun! We worked the felt around a template cut from a blue tarp.

Layer 1

1st layer in eggplant

At this point, it looks a bit like Sasquatch pelt.

2nd Layer

2nd layer in progress

Then we cut out the handle and then the inside cut section becomes the flap. The other flap is folded inside and will be a pocket.

finished purse

Finished purse!

The pink design is supposed to be a jelly fish. You may have to squint and use a lot of imagination.

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New Project


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More Yarn


I finally got around to winding these off of the bobbins. I don’t remember where I purchased the fiber. I think it is Crown Mountain Fibers. I’ve lost the tag so I don’t know what the color way is either.


  • superwash merino
  • spun & plied on Watson Marie
  • chain plied
  • 250 grams
  • 2 skeins, 884 yards
  • 1,604 ypp

Maybe another vest?

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